Firewatch is a cool game. You’re alone in the Wyoming wilderness working as a fire lookout whose only company is Delilah, another fire watcher you can speak to over the radio. Through the game you explore your surroundings using a pretty intuitive in-game map and try to solve the unfolding mystery of the forest. There is no real action or threat in the game; it's just a cool piece of interactive fiction. The Wyoming forest is absolutely gorgeous and the back and forth dialogue between Delilah and yourself keeps you invested in the narrative. It’s a little short for the price, but it's quite fun to complete in one sitting if you can.

My experience with Firewatch was going so well until I hit a game breaking bug. A core component of the game is selecting dialogue choices when responding to Delilah. There is an on screen timer and if you fail to select a reply she takes your silence as a response. Late in the game they have an argument and both characters refuse to speak to each other for a little bit of time. About five minutes later the game replayed this dialogue again by mistake, and the game got locked into thinking I didn’t want to speak with Delilah. Despite offering me responses I could no longer select any dialogue options.

Restarting both the game and the PS4 failed to fix this, so I decided to continue on, settling for the game selecting the “silence” option. This backfired very close to the conclusion of the story when I needed to speak to Delilah to advance the plot and couldn’t. I was so annoyed at this point that I ended up watching the conclusion on YouTube, as I had no desire to replay a broken game.

The conclusion itself was also fairly anticlimactic, which put an additional downer on a game I was really enjoying. Hopefully the game will be patched, but for now I would give the game a fairly hesitant recommendation.