Ignition 0.5

This update to Ignition gives some much needed love to the blog; adding paging, draft posts, publish date and time, a Markdown editor and a UI refresh of the admin interface. In addition to a couple of other bug fixes, this release blocks .ru and 163.com email addresses from registering. This change may seem heavy handed, but the number of spam entries in my database say otherwise and I would rather do this than force all users to deal with a stupid captcha. If you are a legitimate user in Russia there are many free email address providers.


  • Feature: Added paging to the blog. #24
  • Feature: Added draft blog posts and the ability to publish at a date/time. #17
  • Feature: Added Markdown editor to blog admin panel. #21
  • Change: Redesigned blog admin panel. #23
  • Change: Blocked .ru and 163.com email addresses at registration, due to the number of spam accounts. #18
  • Bug Fix: Sessions no longer expire. #16
  • Bug Fix: No error was returned when a blog post image failed to upload. #12
  • Bug Fix: Large images added to a blog post in Markdown would overflow. #11

Download from GitHub.

This update is also available for Gaming with Lemons as version 0.4.6.